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Norbert "NobbZ" Melzer

Norbert is a software developer from Germany, whos primary language is Elixir.

His strong interest in Elixir began during his studies somewhen in 2014, when he wanted to use a "functional alternative to Ruby" in a programming contest at the university.

When he wanted to test his contestant on the designated machine, he found out that the erlang version installed did not support any released version of Elixir, so he had to rewrite his contestant in Erlang.

For a long time he used both languages in parallel, and became an Erlang track maintainer at Exercism during 2015, where he still is. Within the same year he also became a member and moderator of the Elixir Forum, where he is still active as well.

In 2016 he started to work professionally to be able to pay for his university. During that job he used mostly Go and Python, though was able to use any language necessary to get the job done.

This did include PHP, Java, C++, and JavaScript as well.

In 2022 he finally was able to find a job where he was able to use Elixir professionally, and is now working as a backend developer.

Besides of doing software development, he is also a passionate user of NixOS. He currently maintains a few packages in the official repository, and is also using it on his 2 private machines. He also plays with nix on a virtual machine on his work laptop (Apple).

For all the nix related things he is also active on the NixOS Discourse and the inofficial NixOS Discord.

Besides all his technical hobbies, he also is a father of 2 children.

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